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What makes us different

What sets Misty Peak apart from the others?

Our very limited selection of teas

The average tea provider carries 100+ teas. It would be impossible for them to specialize with this business model. We have carried only one tea for five years, and became the go-to for premium green Pu’er tea. As we add more teas, we dedicate tremendous care to ensure that one tea is impressive enough to stand-alone. Each tea we bring on must be great enough to be our only tea if we chose for it to be.


Our teas are not picked from young bushes or picked or processed by amateurs. This all plays a huge part in bringing out the full potential of the tea leaves’, in both their taste in and the way it allows the tea drinker to feel while drinking it. Teas that are made in haste for profit often leave us feeling jittery or unwell.

You are our greatest advisor

In 2013, when tea shops around the country were telling us people were too intimidated by the large packages of tea, we cut them out of our product-lineup and started offering smaller packages and, eventually, loose leaf tea. You, the tea drinker, have given us ideas and inspiration to be your favorite tea purveyor since day one.

Our sourcing

Misty Peak knows exactly where the tea is coming from. We can tell you how the tea was picked, how it was fired, and if it sat to age or was packaged right away.

We are friends with the farmers

Finding tea is easy, but finding a relationship and a story is very difficult. Our farmers get to read your reviews, hear your stories, and discover the world beyond their village and see the end-user enjoying their harvests.


Because our tea is picked from friends, we are able to cut out the middlemen and factories and are given the very best prices and are able to retail our teas at a price that many would consider a wholesale price.


With efficiency comes convenience. Our teas are all shipped to you from the USA within 24 hours of your order being placed. You do not have to translate websites or send your payment to a foreign land and hope your tea arrives within a month or two.