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We built a better way to get tea. Your Tea. Your Way. Limited Edition Pu’er and Oolongs Teas delivered fresh to your tea table each month.

*The majority of teas on the market sit in warehouses or factories for months after they are harvested. Not ours. Whenever it is best, we pick, fire, package and ship the tea directly to you. Curated- Out of thousands of teas, we select only one tea each month for you. We carefully test it for aroma, freshness, energy, body feel, mouth feel, and taste making sure it is up to your standards.*

How does it work?

The first week of each month you will receive your fresh tea. It will be packaged carefully to preserve absolute freshness and aroma. Whether it be a fresh TieGuanYin Oolong tea an aged 1990’s Pu’er Tea, you will love the ease and convenience of knowing great tea is being picked for you each month.

What's in it for you?

Have you ever had really fresh tea? You won’t believe the difference.  Searching for teas can be fun, but a lot of money is wasted on teas that are not good, or have very little quality control behind them. After years of dealing with only farm-direct tea, we have made dozens of connections across China and Taiwan in order to bring you the very best and limited edition Pu’er and Oolong teas available.  You will not receive the same teas you receive from other purveyors with our logo simply stamped on it. These are all hand-picked and processed for you. If you are not completely satisfied with the teas, you can cancel or return the teas at any time.


  • Free US shipping
  • Fresh is best
  • Masterfully curated
  • Cancel anytime
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  • Always fresh
  • Never run out of tea again


Tea for one

23.99One month

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Tea for two

$28.99One month

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