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We now have two teas.

We now have two teas.
August 24, 2016 admin1
In New products
You ready to have a new favorite tea??
In 2011, we brought a Green Pu’er tea to market from a small family farm in rural China. That tea quickly made waves through the tea world, and got featured in magazines, NPR, dozens of blogs and podcasts. Now, we are excited to do the same as we present our second tea: our version of Pu’er Black Tea, “The New Black” by Misty Peak.
You are going to love this tea because it is processed in a way that allows it to have the delicious taste that we love in a ripe black Pu’er tea while still carrying the sweetness of a green tea. We made sure not to over-oxidize the tea, so the liquor looks like a rosé wine and it will leave your mouth and throat very sweet.
Find out everything about it below, you gotta have this one! We love you and thank you for your support!
  • $24.00

    The New Black: 100g

    Why is it awesome?

    This tea has matured to perfection since it was picked back in the Spring of 2012. As we know, Pu'er only gets better with time, and this tea is a wonderful example of that. This tea was picked in Spring of 2012 and left to age until 2013. It was then lightly fermented over 4 months in order to carry the fresh tea taste while still bringing a wonderful earthy character. The aroma is very sweet like dried apricots and the liquor is the color of Rosé wine. The tea can can be brewed at boiling temperatures or cold brewed, and everything in-between. The tea is low in caffeine so it is okay to drink before bed and has a nice energy to it that helps relax the body. Easy to brew upwards of 15 pots of tea from one small serving of this tea.

    What's the story on this tea?

    • Compressed into a cake for easy storage. When you want to drink it, just break a piece off with knife or fingers.
    • Super easy to drink. Boiling hot or freezing cold water and everything in-between will make for a great cup of tea!
    • Slightly fermented but tastes like tea not like fermentation
    • Light red, not black 
    • Smooth and clean
    • Processed by hand, not machinery
    • Not blended with other mountains, seasons, farmers, like most Pu'er is
    • Leaves are much larger than normal which gives a greater depth of flavor and allows for many more brews
    • Refreshing aroma like dried cherries
    • From FDA registered family farm

    How long will it last?

    • If you don't drink it all right away, it has no expiration date!
    • Our tea increases in taste and value over the years, similar to wine
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    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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