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  • Sep012016

    Physical effects of drinking tea

    Many people enjoy tea for the taste or the benefits of the caffeine content present in the beverage; however, there is so much more that brings people into the wonderful world of tea.

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  • Aug252016

    Why tea addicts go crazy for Pu’er tea

    Why is everyone talking about Pu’er tea? Find out what makes this tea so unique. Is it just the weight loss benefits of Pu’er, or is there more?

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  • Aug242016

    We now have two teas.

    After 5 years of carrying only one tea, we have brought our second baby onboard and are thrilled to share it with you. Our Pu’er black tea is sweet, very aromatic, and…. read more in the post 🙂

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  • Aug232016

    Guide to tasting tea

    Find out what is most important when tasting your next tea. You don’t have to be a sommelier to have that special nose for tasting. Learn below on how you can become a better taster when trying your teas or when sampling one to buy.

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  • Aug182016

    Caffeine and Tea

    Caffeine and coffee are almost synonymous, but with tea there is so much more.

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  • Jul302016

    How to make cold brew

    As the heat sets in or our cravings need a quencher, we reach for that cold beverage. Why not let it be tea? Find out a super simple way of making cold-brewed tea.

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  • Jun302016

    Using tea to practice mindfulness

    Tea is a wonderful beverage, but it is an even more wonderful tool. We can incorporate tea into our daily lives to practice silence and mindfulness.

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  • May302016

    Using Pu’er tea for health

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tea is a prescribed herb given to help or heal a wide variety of ailments. As we understand our teas more and more, we will know which one to reach for, and when.

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  • Apr302016

    Coffee versus tea: Can’t we all just get along?

    Coffee has had its time, and now its Teas’ turn. Or can they live together in harmony? Let’s find out how they both have a place for us in modern times and in our daily lives.

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  • Mar302016

    3 steps to introducing tea to non-tea-drinkers

    We all have friends who are “not big on tea.” Below is a super easy way to introduce tea to those who either don’t drink it at all, or who have not yet experienced great loose leaf teas.

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