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Tea is more than a beverage;
it is a lifestyle.

The Discovery of tea

As one looks into the history of this sacred leaf, we all end up in the same place: a monastery. While the stories may differ from land to land, one thing remains the same. Tea was first used to reach enlightenment and to allow the monks countless hours of meditation. While the priests of Rome spread wine in Europe, the monks of china shared tea leaves throughout the East.

Pu’er tea was the first tea the world ever saw and some of the first trees ever picked still grow today in the region Misty Peak collects their tea. As Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and yoga spread across the world, one doesn’t have to look far to see tea as their faithful companion.

Tea’s role in life

The emperors, lamas, Buddhas, and monks of highest order would receive the finest teas, for it was most important for them to feel the best and be in the best spirits. Now, Misty Peak brings you the purest of Pu’er tea the world has seen, fit for those who see tea not merely as a beverage, but as a way towards something more.

Our purveyor, Nicholas, started his search for tea before ever drinking it. From studying religion in America, to yoga in India, to doing years of meditation retreats in Asia, he continued this search for something with more substance, something that was easier to share than words and dogmas. When sitting amongst perfectly manicured plantations in Eastern China or machine cut bushes in Japan, he knew there had to be something more honest, more pure.

Pu’er tea to the West

After samplings upwards of 1,000 teas across Asia, he was welcomed in by a young man to try his tea in Xishuangbanna, a mountainous region in Southern Yunnan China. This ended up being the night that changed everything. After 12 hours of drinking his fresh crop of Raw Pu’er and hiking amongst his ancient trees, he finally found what all else could not offer. Chaa Dao, or the way of tea, is truly a path one takes towards something more; and with this warm welcome from a stranger, grew a brotherhood that has lasted a lifetime.

Through this journey, Misty Peak is now able to provide the world with a tea that is made with the love of one family, the passion of expert craftsmanship, and an understanding that great tea helps us feel our best.

Our tea is from Xishuangbanna, in Yunnan, China