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Benefits of Green Tea

Quality is Key

If ANY benefit is wanted from tea, it must be high quality. Doctors say to drink 8 cups of water each day; however, what they mean is 8 cups of clean water. The same applies to our teas. Tea is often known for its caffeine levels, but there is much more. Green tea improves the performance of the brain that causes a person to feel smarter and more focused. It does with by producing a response without leading to jittery that is linked with effects connected to the intake of too much caffeine.

Tea vs Coffee and the many benefits

The caffeine in tea is different from that of coffee in that it is more time-released, as opposed to feeling that jolt right away. This is why monks have used it for centuries to meditate or study, it helps them stay balanced and calm throughout their day or sessions. The green tea is also highly associated with the burning of calories and weight loss and there are thousands of research papers one can easily find on this such subject.

Tea and blood circulation

Tea also helps our blood flow making us feel better and enhancing metabolism. With all this, the physical performance of individuals is improved. L-Theanine in tea is found in green tea and other teas and is a particular antioxidant that lowers the individual’s risk to some types of cancer. At an elderly age, green tea can prevent their brain by reducing the danger of Parkinson and Alzheimer. It also has Bioactive Compounds, which Improve Health.

Tea and Skin Cancer

Numerous studies have reported positive effects of regular tea consumption(daily or bi-daily) against squamous cell carcinoma(cancer) of the skin. In a controlled study on a general population, adjusting for brewing time, the connection between squamous cell carcinoma and hot black tea consumption shows a significantly lower risk in people who are drinking this tea versus people who do not.

“It was suggested that tea concentration, brewing time and beverage temperature have major influences on the potential protective effects of hot black tea in relation to squamous cell carcinoma of the skin [15].”

In a case-control study conducted in Italy, a survey was done to find the association between certain foods and cutaneous malignant melanoma, including fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, whole bread, alcohol, coffee and tea drinking. The consumption of tea actually showed a protective effect on cutaneous malignant melanoma risk rather than the opposite that showed with others.

Why did tea spread around the world?

Whether or not you are enjoying green tea for its many health benefits, they are there and are a very real part of why tea spread throughout the world so rapidly. Traditional Chinese Medicine, and current natural medicines elsewhere, show us the beauty and wide range that tea can play in our bodies.