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Green Tea History

Is Green tea the first tea ever?

The actual history of Green Tea can be traced back thousands of years to the very origin of tea in Yunnan China. Pu’er tea happens to be the very first tea that was ever cultivated, and is our first green tea on earth. We started Misty Peak with only Green Pu’er Tea in its traditional form, and spent the first five years offering only that tea from one family.

How is green tea made?

The technique behind it is cooking the leaves to constrain their oxidation, in a process called kill green. A fresh cooking system of “fixing” the leaves was presented in the 12th century. The two methods gave rise to teas that had the distinctiveness of un-oxidized taste as well as being rather similar to current green teas. Also, the two methods are still applied today, along with rolling and re-cooking the leaves in some cases.

Unchanged traditions in tea

The very beauty of the history of tea is the fact that it has evolved but it is still available in its pure, cultured, and history way. The tea we offer today is not unlike the tea that farmers and emperors were enjoying thousands of years ago. Since those past days, when the mastery as well as the production of green tea improved the techniques, we have seen advancement in the production rate and, sometimes, quality and flavors. The very best tea does not need to be traditionally made in order to be great, but we hope it is so that it can bring a tremendous culture and history along with each sip.