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Our contribution

Misty Peak challenged 2,000 years of unchanged tradition and designed their own compressed tea.


Pu’er was the first tea ever cultivated and it’s history dates back more than two millenniums when it was first cultivated in China, helping build some of the greatest empires in the world. It then became a currency, the a commodity: the highest price ever paid for tea was for a handful of Pu’er tea that sold for $1 Million Dollars.

Since then, Pu’er tea has hardly changed; it is grown and pressed in the manner it always has been. The shape is almost invariably a disk – called a bing – with a particular company’s logo stamped on the wrapper and it has looked like this since the days when it was carried thousands of miles by foot, and traded for war horses. It is simple and effective – easy to store, transport, and craft by hand.


Today, Misty Peak has decided to break the rules – we have changed the shape of the bing. Why? By reinventing this iconic shape, we are sparking a dialogue about holding onto the past and forging new traditions. Misty Peak questions the reason no one has changed this design in 2,000 years. Is it really that everyone is attached to history or are people nervous about controversial changes? It shouldn’t be groundbreaking to press Pu’er tea into a new shape, yet it is. It makes a statement. While Pu’er tea has an immense history in the East, it can have new meaning in the West(a few years ago it was still unheard of in much of the West). Our generation can make something our own. We can create something new that not only thinks outside the box, but does away with the mould entirely.


The new Misty Peak Pu’er tea is in the shape of a mountain, like its namesake. The shape is sleek and bold; a piece that can be displayed in a tearoom as easily as it can be broken up to drink peacefully. It is a reminder to always think in alternate ways and never accept complacency in our life or our creativity. It is a reminder to use our imaginations and enjoy our lives in our own way. Something old can always be made new, while at the same time respecting the authenticity of its roots. The teas we consume represent so much of who we are.