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Best Pu’er tea

What makes us Pu’er the best and who says so?

Created by masters

This is very evident in the look of the leaf and the taste of the tea. Many have the tendency of overheating or picking during wrong times or not rolling the leaves properly. Our tea is created by masters who have been producing this tea for generations and have perfected the subtlest of nuances to bring us an incredible tea.

Picked only twice a year

We pick our tea trees only twice a year, Spring and Autumn. These two seasons offer very different flavor profiles and energy. We also allow the tree to rest during the summer and winter seasons to gain strength and nutrients, while most other tea companies are picking their teas during these seasons and blending all of them together as one.

Picked from trees not bushes

Bitterness and astringency is often a character of young bushes. Most teas in the world, even many Pu’er teas, are picked from hip-height bushes that may be 10-30 years old. Ours is picked from tea trees as much as 30 feet tall. The energy of the tea is also incredibly different, as young bushes often give jitters or an uneasy feeling, while old trees give a more relaxed and mellow feel.

It was voted #1

In 2014, the online tea community on the world’s largest tea review website, Steepster, rated us the #1 Pu’er Tea in the world out of over 5,000 different Pu’er teas with over 10,000 voting people! We were also rated #1 Pu’er tea out of over 54,400 different teas. A tremendous milestone for us and for the tea community.

No machinery

There is not a single machine used during any stage of production. Why? Because perfection and human know-how is diminished when the human eye and senses are taken away. The aroma of the leaves is also much less when the leaves are rolled by machine instead of hand. There is also not a person guiding and caring for each batch or each leaf. A machine wouldn’t notice a leaf that is burnt, and it will get thrown into the pile, but a human eye and hand would.

We make the tea to drink it

This was first a crop of the family and produced for consumption long before it was considered to be a commodity for many families. Being that we specialize in only one tea, we are careful to only send out what we consider to be the very best each time.

Specializing in one product allows us to perfect it

Our inventory is not made up of 300 teas like most shops or purveyors. We have one tea and with that we are able to put tremendous love and concern into ensuring it is the very best, every time.

Made in batches by a family, not a factory

When working on such a small scale, we are able to guide each handful of leaves along the way. Having this level of intimacy with each leaf, we are able to only send out the very finest tea each time.

No chemicals

This is incredibly important for both taste and health.