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Misty Peak provides you the world’s oldest tea in its purest form.


We are dedicated to minimal perfection. For our first five years, starting in 2011, we carried only one tea, from one family of farmers. As we decide to carry new teas, we do so with the desire for carrying only teas that could carry a company completely on their own. We don’t work with giant factories; we work with families. We don’t carry hundreds of teas like nearly every tea company; we carry only a few fantastic teas.

This is a remarkable time for tea farmers around the world. Unlike wine makers, who are known for beautiful estates and rolling hills, tea producers are barely escaping the life of poverty and moving towards a life of abundance. This generation is finally able to purchase cars that helps tremendously on the often rugged mountainous areas and are able to afford to send their children off to (proper) schools. Stable income, at a higher rate than ever before, as well as investing in wells and crop diversification, help these farmers from droughts and secures their precious harvests.

Tea is about health, simplicity, togetherness, and so much more and we are here to make some of the best teas in the world accessible to people in every country and in any walk of life. We want to be known and enjoyed for the teas we have decided to offer, just as much as the teas we refuse to offer you. We are in this journey of great tea together, with you.


Misty Peak is sold in over 500 shops throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Contact us for the shop nearest to you.


Rated #1 Best Pu’er tea in the World voted on the world’s largest tea review website out of 54,500 teas by over 10,000 tea drinkers worldwide.


  1. First Western company to change the shape of Pu’er Tea.
  2. First Western Company to put green (Sheng) Pu’er into a box for grocery stores.
  3. First Western Company to make rolled Pu’er (qiucha) Pu’er.
  4. First Western Company to provide Pu’er Tea from one family and one farm.

Fair trade

Fair Trade is an industry term meaning that the farmers are compensated according to what is considered fair within their location. When we pay the farmers for their tea, we go three steps ahead of what would be considered fair and pay their price, taking into account their labor hours and costs of packaging, etc. The only way to ensure our tea will continue to be great, and get better, each year is to make sure the family who produces it is more than happy. This is truly fair.