Stone pressing Pu'er tea

Pu’er tea was first cultivated in the mountains of southern China by monks seeking spiritual enlightenment and heightened awareness. Through generations of oral direction and multi-generational tea farmers, Misty Peak’ Pu’er Tea remains completely unchanged from the days when the Ancient Tea Horse Road carried it across Asia. Pu’er tea is more than just a tea; it is a culture, a medicine, and a historical piece.

Fair Trade

Fair trade Pu'er tea

Our organic tea is direct-sourced from one family and one farm. The family prepares tea in traditional manner by hand-picking, hand-processing, hand-firing and hand-rolling their tea; they are true masters of each step. While others in the region send their leaves offsite for processing, this family uses generations of knowledge to carefully guide the tea to its full potential. This hand-crafted artisanal Pu’er has never seen machines or chemicals, allowing for a great product today or decades to come. We offer this tea in the worldwide marketplace to provide the family a more fair value for their harvests than they would otherwise achieve relying on their local market.



Pu’er has been lifted up as the tea that carries the most health benefits amongst other teas, used in China for nearly 100 different ailments, from stress to epilepsy to high cholesterol to cancer to weight issues; yet only true if the tea is of fine quality. Most Pu’ers on the market are actually hazardous to ones health and produced in factory-style farms with hazardous toxins, effectively depleting its beneficial character. With tea, quality is key, and Misty Peak offers a tea of the highest standards.

Available Pu’er teas

Spring Mountain (2015) – 200g

2015 Spring Mountain Pu'er

This tea was picked in the Spring of 2015 from trees planted in the 1800’s. Being that it is hand-picked from old trees, instead of bushes like most teas, the flavors are very bold and sweet and smoother than one can imagine. One will notice floral notes that leave the mouth feeling very wet and the body uplifted, just like Spring. Spring harvest is the prized harvest of the year for its aging capabilities and sweet flavor notes. Custom wood storage/aging box included.

Autumn (2015) – 100 gram

Autumn 2015 Pu'er bing

The mountain was showered with heavy rains just before harvest time, giving us a very different tea this year. A bit sweeter than normal with notes of plum and apricot, this tea is going to age very well as it already has bold flavors that will continue to evolve. A fantastic tea for today, or many years to come, our Autumn 2015 will make you feel very grounded and is sure to be a new favorite for those who love a very high quality tea with a great energy.

Autumn (2014) – 200 gram


The leaves, having endured the Spring and Summer, bring out a rich plum flavor that evolves into sweet peach notes with the complexity that comes with aging. With each passing month, the tea gains new characteristics.

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Autumn (2013) – 200 gram

Autumn 2013 Pu'er disk

On the farm, this tea is now considered to be “Old Tea”. Picked two years ago, the tea has aged primarily at the farm. 60% humidity, about 75 degrees F average. The leaves, having endured the Spring and Summer, bring out a rich plum flavor that evolves into sweet peach notes with the complexity that comes with aging. The tea is much smoother now than ever before, a fantastic tea to continue aging or to drink today.

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Autumn (2012) – 200 gram

Autumn 2012 Pu'er disk bing

This tea has aged better than any other as it has already been 3 years off the tree. It is very rich in plum and apricot taste and the bitterness has turned into sweetness over the years. On the farm, we call this “Old Tea”, and it has becomes something that compares to some 10+ year old teas. A fantastic tea for meditation or to be uplifted. Strong Chi and clears your mind.

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Loose leaf Pu’er (2015)

Misty Peak - Loose Leaf Green Pu'er

28 gram of loose leaf Pu’er. Easier to work with than compressed and richer in taste.

Rolled Pu’er (2015)

Misty Peak Pu'er tea ball

Redesigned and more convenient and beautiful than ever. We have doubled the amount of tea in each Rolled Pu’er and customized a box for you to travel and gift this beautiful set of three. Always made with fresh tea and each Rolled Pu’er can be broken in half and will make 20-35 pots each. Smooth flavor and lots of energy, a perfect way to start your journey into Pu’er or to make sure you always have great tea by your side.